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Q What is the benefit of using concealed fasteners over 5v roofing systems?

A We only sell concealed fastener, standing seam metal roofing systems because they are more weatherproof than 5V panels. 5V is an exposed fastener system, which means it is installed by perforating the panels with screws – leading to leaks. In our concealed fastener, standing seam systems, all perforations are “concealed” by the metal or aluminum panels, which provide protection from the elements. Using exposed fasteners with our metal roof panels will invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty.

Q What are the benefits of longer seamless breaks up to 21 feet?

A Seams (the point at which two pieces join/overlap) require the installer to make cuts in the metal and use weatherproofing/sealants that can wear over time. Fewer seams reduce the potential for leakage and are more aesthetically pleasing.

We can produce lengths up to 21’ for flashing and trim—more than twice the standard industry length. For example, rather than cutting and joining two pieces to make an 18’ piece, let us custom fabricate one seamless 18-footer. Our custom breaks reduce material waste and save you money!

Q Why are metal roofs more expensive than asphalt shingle roofs?

A When you purchase a standing seam metal roof, you are investing in longevity, durability, aesthetics, and performance. Metal roofing systems will last two to three times longer than asphalt shingle roofs. A properly installed standing seam metal roof will hold its beauty for decades whereas asphalt shingle roofs will acquire algae that appear as “wet spots” and/or black streaks after just a few years and worsen over time. Our roofing systems are engineered and tested to withstand Florida’s extreme weather conditions. They are fastened to the roof deck in a manner that withstands the conditions of High Velocity, Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) environments.

Q What is oil-canning?

A Oil-canning is the perceived waviness, wrinkling or deformation, etc. of metal roofs, most commonly, flat-panel metal roofs. It is an inherent characteristic of light-gauge, cold-formed metal products with broad, flat areas. Oil-canning is strictly cosmetic and has no effect on the performance or functionality of the metal roof. American Metal Roofing Supply’s metal panels will automatically be fabricated with ribs or striations unless a customer expressly requests flat panels and acknowledges that oil-canning will be more prominent in flat panels and that it is not grounds for rejection or replacement panels.

Q What is the typical turnaround time for a metal roofing system?

A FAST! Once all of the preliminary tasks (take-off, deposit, field-verification, etc.) have been completed and we begin production, your roofing system will be completed, packaged, and ready for delivery or pickup within just a few days. We maintain an inventory of 24-gauge Galvalume® and .032 Aluminum in Mill Finish, Bone White, and Cityscape (Dove Gray). We can special order the other colors found in our color chart and will have the material on hand well before we reach the production stage, so color panels will not extend our lead time.

Q Do you fabricate custom metals?

A Yes, we do more than metal roofing systems! We are able to fabricate custom trims and flashings for sidings, downspouts, pole barns, garages, and more. American Metal Roofing Supply stocks 24Ga. Galvalume and .032 Aluminum in three standard finishes; however, we can special order other gauges of metal and different colors upon request. We have brand new, state-of-the-art Cidan & NTM® machinery and brilliant technicians who are ready to fabricate your custom pieces.

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