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Snap-lock Standing

Snap-lock Clip Standing Seam

Mechanical standing seam

Mechanical Standing Seam

Nail Strip Snap-lock clipless

Nail Strip Snap-lock Clipless

Roofing Panel Profiles Specifications

Snap-lock Clip Standing Seam

Mechanical Standing Seam

Nail Strip Snap-lock Clipless

Free Quote &
Take-off Service

American Metal Roofing Supply gladly provides a free take-off service as part of our free estimates.

Custom Trims and Flashings

If your project requires something unique, our skilled fabricators can create custom sheet metal fabrications for flashings and trims, sidings, downspouts, pole barns, garages, and more. From initial concept through fabrication, we are committed to delivering an outstanding customer experience. Let us partner with you to turn your dreams into reality. LEARN MORE

Roofing Underlayment & Accessories

A roof is only as good as each of its components. We carry everything you need for a complete roofing system, including panels, underlayment, and fasteners. Each element is engineered to withstand Florida’s harsh climate and increase the roof’s longevity, durability, and curb appeal. It all adds up to roofs that are designed to last for decades.

Metal Roof Colors

From 39 Durable, Fade-resistant Colors

Designed specifically for architectural metal, Kynar® metal roof coatings provide protection against corrosion, aging, and glare from the Florida sun. We also offer coordinating clips and accessories. Use our convenient color picker to help select your roof color.

Choose Your Color

stone white
bone white
sierra tan
medium bronze
dark bronze
antique bronze
midnight bronze
aged bronze
mansard brown
slate gray
musket gray
iron ore
hemlock green
patina green
forest green
hartford green
colonial red
terra cota
cardinal red
military blue
pacific blue
interstate blue
award blue
weathered zinc
copper penny
aged copper

Our Roofing Systems are Backed with a 25-Year Warranty

Give your customers peace of mind! Our roofing systems are backed by a 25-year warranty from the metal distributor. To validate the warranty, a complete roofing system must be purchased from American Metal Roofing Supply (panels, underlayment, and fasteners) and installed according to Florida Product Approvals.

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